About Us

The Sadvaidyasala Pvt Ltd is one of the oldest concerns manufacturing Ayrvedic medicines in Karnataka. The preparations include Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeal and Ayurvedic proprietary medicines. The Pharmacopoeal preparations are manufactured according to the formulae and procedures laid down in the authoritative books like Chakra Samhita, Astanga Hrudaya, Bhaishajya Ratnavali, Sushruta Samhita, Yoga Ratnakara etc,.

The Proprietary preparations have been formulated by the founder and his sons out of their rich experience in the field of Ayurveda. These preparations have been meticulously tested for their efficiency and therapeutic value on patients before being released into the market as a licensed drug. Currently the Company is manufacturing over 200 items which include Asavas & Arishtas Lehyams, (Confections) Churnas, (Pulvers), Ghritas, (Medicated Ghee) Vatikas, (Pills & Tablet) Tailas, (Medicated Oils) & Ointments.

Our Lehyams are specially appreciated for their palatability, consistency & preserving qualities. We believe that results of Ayurvedic preparations are best seen if they are prepared in the traditional manner. Some of our products like Bhavana Shunti, Rose Gulkhan, Sarasaparilla Syrup, Amodini Pills & Kasturi Pills have gained immense popularly for their unique taste and curative property. SADVAIDYASALA is now being managed by the third gerneratrion of the founder. The management is committed towards maintaining the high standards of manufacturing and business ethics, which have been the hall mark of our company for over 100 years. The management is thankful and seeks further support & co-operation of the Vaidyas, Dealers and customers to expand our business without compromising on quality.

SVL Management Team

Padmabhushan Prof.B.V.Sreekantan, M.Sc., Ph.D – Chairman

Shri B.V.Venkatesha Murthy, B.Sc., B.Sc. Hon – Technical Advisor

Dr. Rajagopal – Director

Shri Shankar Prasad Director

Shri B.S.Jayant B.Sc., M.B.A – Managing Director

Shri. N.B.Ramagopal B.E, M.B.A – Director Operations

Dr. Rajesh Sreenivasan M.Sc, Ph.D – Director Prod. R&D, – Secretary

Dr. Sriranjani S Jaideep M.D (Ayu.) – Consultant

Dr. Geeta. M. B.M.A.S – Quality Administrator

Dr. Sangeeta Kamalakshan – Pharmacist

Prathyush Kiran- Accounts Officer