Welcome to Sadvaidyasala.

B.V.Pundit or Sadvaidyasala is a household name synonymous with traditional Ayurvedic preparations, in Karnataka for over a century. B V Pundit and Nanjangud are also synonymous with Nanjangud Tooth Powder the flagship brand of Sadvaidyasala for several decades.

Thanks to the trust our patrons have bestowed in the quality and efficacy of our products, we are now celebrating our Centenary. Our patrons across borders will vouch for the fact that B V Pundits’ traditional Ayurvedic products have been handed down generations as a legacy of good health and wellness. Some of our popular products like Kasturi Pills, Amodini, Bhavana Shunti, Dashan Raksha, Sarasaparilla, Rose Gulkhan, Dashamoolarishta, Jeeraka Rasayana, have been popular for decades.

Our manufacturing facility is situated in the temple town of Nanjangud, a few Kilometers from Mysore. We are certified for GMP by the department of AYUSH. The Company is currently manufacturing over 200 classical and proprietary Ayurvedic preparations. Some of our products in the OTC category are also available in our online web store www.bvpundit.com. For chronic health conditions you may consult our doctors at our sales outlets with consulting facility or visit our treatment center at Nanjangud www.arogyashram.co.in