The Sadvaidyasala Pvt Ltd is currently manufacturing over 200 products which include Asava & Arishtas (Medicated wines), Lehyams (Confections), Arkas (Distillates), Churnas (Powders), Tailas (Medicated Oils), Ghritas (Medicated Ghee), Vatis (Pills), Tablets and Capsules, Syrups and Ointments. All our Ayurvedic preparations are manufactured at our GMP certified manufacturing unit.

The efficacy of an Ayurvedic preparation is directly dependent on the quality of its raw materials, the manufacturing process and the preservation techniques, at Sadvaidyasala all the three aspects are handled with utmost care. We strongly believe that the results of Ayurvedic preparations are best seen if they are prepared in the traditional manner starting from whole herbs as against those made using chemically extracted plant concentrates. A brief list of the product categories we manufacture is published below. The products sold OTC (Over The Counter) are available on our online web store as well.

1. Asavas & Arishtas
2. Quathas
3. Arkas
4. Lehyam
5. Churnas
6. Ghrita
7. Tailas
8. Syrups
9. Pills & tablets
10. Ointments
11. Miscellaneous.

The complete product catalogue contains the entire list of our products, along with the indications and chief ingredients.